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Therapy in Scunthorpe

It's a long story but in order to even begin to understand what had happened to my mum, I first needed to try to make sense of myself. For anyone who's been through any process of self discovery, it's not easy and it's definitely not pretty. I guess things started to unravel in my early thirties after I became a mum, both the most wonderful and scariest experience of my life. I was confronted for the first time on a visceral level by what it might have felt like for Andrea to lose custody of me which was shattering. It made no sense to me that the cause of our separation was due to her having a 'chemical imbalance' or a 'personality disorder'. What if people thought I was crazy too, what would that mean for my children? I spent the next few years in therapy where I fell apart and slowly began to piece myself back together. I reclaimed my identity which resulted in me walking away from my career; this was devastating at first but eventually life changing (see 'Going Down' below). It was through this that I first built up the courage to perform my poetry and so began the search to discover the truth about my mum.

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